​Sports nutritition

Protein is one of the most popular dietary supplements marketed to athletes and active individuals due to its ability to enhance performance in various ways. During exercise, proteins can provide energy and specific proteins such as collagen peptides act as protective agents for the joints and tendons. After exercise, it helps to regenerate muscle tissue, repair damaged structures, sustain the immune function and delay fatigue. ​

Excellent protein source

The low molecular weight of the SOLUGEL® collagen peptides makes them easy to digest and quick for the body to absorb. SOLUGEL® is a valuable source of amino acids that is essential to the performance of active adults. For example, SOLUGEL® contains the amino acids glycine and proline in a concentration that is approximately 10 - 20 times higher than in any other protein: These amino acids perform an important function in the building up of connective tissue. The SOLUGEL® peptides are also easier for the body to absorb and utilize than both free amino acids and whole proteins. Thanks to their health enhancing effects, collagen peptides are in fact bio-peptides and they have functional characteristics that are key to new product development.

SOLUGEL® helps to manage your weight

Worldwide obesity has almost doubled since 1980 and 35% of adults aged 20 and over were classified as being overweight in 2008, while 11% were considered obese. Being overweight or obese can lead to many other health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, strokes and also various types of cancer. The increased consumption of carbohydrate-based foods and drinks with a high glycemic index is widely believed to be contributing to the global obesity pandemic. It is known that low carbohydrate and high protein diets favorably affect body mass and composition independent from energy intake. In addition, the combination of the specific diet and athletic activities could help in terms of losing weight and body fat mass.

Scientifically proven SOLUGEL® effects 

A clinical study that was conducted with SOLUGEL® collagen peptides evaluated the effect of casein, soy, whey, alpha lactalbumin, collagen peptides and collagen peptides and tryptophan (TRP) in two concentrations(10% and 25%) during breakfast. The effect was measured by the energy intake at lunch, which was served three hours after breakfast.

The study involved 30 healthy male and female volunteers of average weight and aged between 18 and 45 years. Breakfast containing SOLUGEL® and SOLUGEL® + TRP caused a significant ~20% lower energy intake at lunch compared to casein and soy breakfasts at both protein concentrations. The reduced energy intake of 20% was related to a 40% reduction in appetite.

Scientific studies have proven that SOLUGEL® outperforms other proteins by providing long lasting satiety and delaying hunger. SOLUGEL® is the ideal protein source for your weight management diet.

For more information on the clinical study consult our brochure.