The instant gelatin leaf powder INSTAGEL® is the most convenient ready-to-use cold soluble gelatin product. It is the easy and quick replacement for gelatin leaf products: 4 grams of INSTAGEL® is equivalent to 1 gelatin leaf.


INSTAGEL® instant gelatin leaf powder is:


Preparation times are greatly reduced while setting of the product occurs much more quickly. A traditional panna cotta recipe with gelatin leaf typically requires four hours of preparation. With INSTAGEL®, the product is ready for consumption in just one hour!


INSTAGEL® is very easy to use, it requires no heating, presoaking etc. which in turn means much less to clean up. INSTAGEL® can easily replace leaf gelatin: 1 gelatin leaf is equivalent to 4 grams of INSTAGEL®.

Excellent results

INSTAGEL® works well with all ingredients, especially those that are sensitive to temperature, such as natural flavors and colors, alcohol, vitamins, etc.


INSTAGEL® reduces the risks of burns and this means that cooking can now really become a family activity because it is safe to make some desserts with your children! INSTAGEL® also reduces the risks of preparation issues. In particular, when heating milk products, close attention needs to be paid to ensure that the preparation doesn’t boil over. INSTAGEL® ensures that you need not worry about this anymore!

Cost reducing

INSTAGEL® requires no heating, which significantly reduces the energy required during production (heating phase) and cooling, especially for industrial preparations. In the meantime, production equipment can be much simpler and cheaper, which in turn lowers required investments in equipment.


INSTAGEL® requires no direct contact with hands. Conversely, leaf gelatin needs to be presoaked and pressed out by hand. The fact that INSTAGEL® can just be added in powder form means that preparations can be made in a more hygienic manner.


INSTAGEL® offers you many more benefits:

  • Great performance in any application
  • No pre-blending is required
  • Performs effectively in any pH environment

Product range

  • Standard types of INSTAGEL® Co-processed gelatin and glucose syrup
  • INSTAGEL®: Based on porcine acid type
  • INSTAGEL® beef: Based on bovine limed type

Halal and kosher certified products are available based on bovine limed type.