CRYOGEL® is the most efficient cold soluble gelatin. It is the ideal ingredient for your pre-blended, cold soluble formulations. Pre-blending with other fine powders can be done at a ratio of five to one of CRYOGEL®. Furthermore, it can be used to create convenience dessert mixes for both professional and household uses.

Product range

Standard types of CRYOGEL® – 100% pure gelatin in fine powder (<70 mesh)

  • CRYOGEL® 220/400: Porcine acid type
  • CRYOGEL® 200/3: Bovine limed type

As the market leader and expert in cold soluble gelatins, PB Gelatins/PB Leiner provides a range of different types of cold soluble gelatin in addition to the standard products. These are available on demand and aimed at meeting your specific needs.



With CRYOGEL® FG, PB Gelatins/PB Leiner is presenting the next generation in cold soluble gelatin. This innovative product gels and sets faster than the standard product. In water based systems, the setting time can even be half that of standard cold soluble gelatin, which makes this the ideal ingredient for all applications where speed of setting is key! Furthermore, CRYOGEL® FG is your ideal ingredient of choice where thermal stability is important or where instant viscosity is required.


  • Shorter setting time
  • Possible to set even at room temperature
  • Improved temperature stability
  • Instant viscosity


  • Instant dessert mixes (panna cotta, mousses, pudding, table jelly etc.)
  • Instant cake fillings or toppings
  • Toys for children

... and so much more!


Halal and kosher certified products are available based on bovine limed type.