CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® are our cold soluble gelatin products. They quickly dissolve in cold liquid (water, milk, fruit juice etc.) and require no heating. Gelling and stabilization start quickly after CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® are dissolved, which ensures your preparation is speedier than ever!

CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® offer you real benefits:

• Speed up your production by significantly shortening preparation and gelling time in the production process

• CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® are easy to use and can be used without specific technical expertise

• Increase your flexibility by switching more quickly from one recipe to another

• Lower your cost-in-use through reduced energy, labor, equipment, and production space

• Great mouth-feel and performance thanks to the ability of CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® to disperse and dissolve easily at low temperatures