​Our commitment

Using our resources even more responsibly


With more people consuming higher quantities, our natural resources are under more pressure than ever before. At the same time, climate change is weighing heavily on our ability to produce enough affordable food for everyone. Food waste is unethical and uses up valuable resources, such as water, land, energy and labor. Turning these challenges into opportunities is what sustainability means to our business. Gelatin not only takes advantage of an existing source of protein derived from side streams of the meat industry, it also helps to stabilize foods and extend product shelf life, which in turn helps to reduce food waste.

Through utilizing the by-product of the meat industry to make high quality gelatins and collagen hydrolysates, PB Gelatins/PB Leiner adds value to the food chain and contributes to the preservation of the Earth’s natural resources. We believe that in everything we do and everywhere we operate...“Every Molecule Counts”.